VIRTUE (The Virtual Tank Utility in Europe) has been initiated in response to the European Commission’s 2nd call of the new framework programme (FP6 – Sustainable Growth and Development). Coordinated by HSVA, leading European Model Basins together with Academia, software providers and consultants collaborate for this demanding task. VIRTUE will improve and integrate state-of-the-art CFD tools in a comprehensive simulation environment of ship behaviour at sea aiming to complement real test basins in the provision of marine hydrodynamic services.

Assembling Europe’s leading marine CFD research, development and consulting centres, this approach will assure the best possible, flexible and all-embracing development strategy. VIRTUE’s future services will allow the European Maritime Industry to attain and keep a competitive advantage in ship design and production of advanced products.

The VIRTUE project officially started on 1st January 2005. Project duration will be 4 years. The project will continuously update its summary and publications on this website.

Take a closer look at the VIRTUE Work Packages (WP):

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