The VIRTUE Integrated Project aims at providing CFD tools in a comprehensive environment that will allow for a complete numerical modelling and simulation of ship behaviour both at full scale and in real sea conditions. CFD as well as integration tools to be developed in the context of the IP will enable an improved communication between CFD tools and other sources required to generate and store information for a comprehensive product data model.

The VIRTUE Project will

  • Increase competitiveness of the European Shipbuilding and Shipping Industries by creating an effective integrated system of hydrodynamic analysis and optimisation and thus improving product quality and shorten lead times.

  • It will provide services from 4 different virtual tanks covering all relevant aspects of hydrodynamic analysis in ship design
    The Numerical TOWING Tank
    The Numerical SEAKEEPING Tank
    The Numerical MANOEUVRING Tank
    The Numerical CAVITATION Tank/Tunnel

  • Based on common standards for data provision and results presentation it will integrate over these tanks and allow for multi objective optimisation in an all embracing / holistic way.

  • Advanced analysis methods for applications out of reach today will be developed and validated. These will allow to further enhance the range of services to be expected from The Virtual Basin.

The platform derived in the VIRTUE project will assure a full rage of hydrodynamic analysis services to be provided to customers, thus complementing the range of experimentally based services traditional model basins offer today. The integration concept will allow to address every particular hydrodynamic problem in a coherent way and open a route to full hydrodynamic optimisation of new ships.