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Oktober 20th 2008 – VIRTUE participated in the SMM 2008 trade fair in Hamburg. Download the presentations of the VIRTUE workshop (...)

August 25th, 2008 – The final programme of the full day public workshop on September 24th at the SMM is now available for download
(PDF file, 190 KB)

May 28th 2008 – In May 2008, VIRTUE has successfully passed the 3rd annual review meeting held in Brussels (...)

October 4th 2006 – The VIRTUE project has successfully participated in the International Conference on Hydrodynamics, ICHD 2006 (...)

May 30th 2006 – Public Presentation of Project Results at the ICHD 2006 conference (...)

May 9th 2006 – 1st Project Review Meeting successfully accomplished (...)

April 28th 2005 – VIRTUE project partners HSVA, MARIN and TUHH agreed to join efforts for the development of a new RANSE code for propeller flows (...)

April 14th 2005 – VIRTUE’s 1st Industrial Advisory Board Meeting, London (...)

VIRTUE – European Research leads the way to the Numerical Towing Tank
(PDF file, 190 KB)